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Understanding Coverage: Part 5 – Roadside Assistance

This optional service can help you overcome common car problems and get you safely on your way.


towing and labor coverage infographic towing and labor coverage infographic towing and labor coverage infographic

Americans are driving more miles on the road every year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety administration, U.S. drivers logged 3.2 trillion miles in 2017.8 Unfortunately, not all journeys are smooth; many drivers have tales of flat tires, dead batteries or their car stalling, which left them stranded on the side of the road.

Even common car problems are becoming more complicated. For example, about one-third of new cars do not come with a spare tire.9 If the compressor and sealant kit provided by the car manufacturer don’t deliver the intended temporary fix, you’ll likely need a tow to the nearest repair shop – which would be covered under roadside assistance.1,9

Having roadside assistance coverage can safeguard you and provide a much-needed, skilled helping hand when challenges arise. Although drivers may have some form of coverage through their credit card, automotive association or car manufacturer, many obtain full coverage through their auto insurance policy. “Life happens – people run out of gas, their car breaks down,” notes David Faiola, Senior Sales Representative at Amica. “So, you get that extra security for something that probably costs you about $12 to $20 a year on average to carry.”

Amica’s Roadside Assistance Program provides $100 per disablement, which is generally enough to get you off the road to the nearest service station, says Faiola. “The tow companies that come out know how much coverage you’re allotted, and they try to help you stay within that limit.” This way, you rarely get billed for anything in excess.

Amica even offers roadside assistance services to customers who have not purchased the policy feature. After calling 866-286-9968, you can simply pay out-of-pocket for the services provided.1 You also can choose to add the coverage to one vehicle but not another, Faiola says.

While Amica has relationships with local service companies, you still have the option to pick your favorite. “You’re not obligated to use the tow service provided through Amica’s Roadside Assistance Program. If my car broke down and I had a preferred tow truck that I wanted, I could pay that person out of pocket and just submit my bill for reimbursement up to $100,” Faiola explains.

With affordable protection and the flexibility to tailor the service as you wish, adding roadside assistance to your auto policy can be a good value overall.

If you have trouble on the road, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully protected. To learn more about Amica’s Roadside Assistance Program, speak to a representative at 833-513-3881 833-513-3882.



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