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Tips for Saving on Car Insurance After You Retire

Now that you’ve exited the workforce, let your money go further in retirement.

You’ve worked hard your entire life, and now’s the time for you. So why spend money unnecessarily? Your car insurance is a great example. Today’s older drivers are less likely to be involved in an accident than previous generations their age,1 a trend that could translate to savings on your car insurance premiums. But there are even more discount offerings you may be missing. Here are a few details you should review.

1. Are You Driving Less?

Now that you’re retired and don’t have a commute, you may be driving less. Talk with your insurer about the potential to reduce your premium.

2. Should You Give Up One of Your Cars?

Does your household have more than one car? With at least one of you not working, paring down to just one could decrease your policy premium – not to mention the amount you spend on gas and maintenance. However, now that you have more free time, you may still have a need to have your own vehicle for errands, volunteering or visiting with friends. In addition, before you give up a car, consider the savings associated with the multi-car discount.

3. Safety Devices Can Help You Save

Are you keeping up with the latest safety features? Insurers sometimes offer discounts if your car has features like a car alarm or vehicle recovery system, adaptive headlights, electronic stability control, forward collision warning, and passive restraints such as airbags. Stay on top of which features qualify for discounts to ensure you’re receiving them.2

4. Loyalty Has Its Rewards

If you’ve been with one company for your car insurance for a long time, many carriers offer a loyalty discount.3

5. Take a Defensive Driving Course

If you’re a qualified adult driver who has completed an approved driving course, you could see significant savings on your auto insurance.4

6. Spare a Tree, Save a Little Green

Some insurers will offer you a discount if you sign up to receive policy information and bills electronically.

7. Don’t Skimp on Liability Coverage

It’s generally recommended that your liability insurance should be well above your state’s minimum requirement.5 Opting for bodily injury and property damage limits of 100/300/100 is a good starting point, but 250/500/100 may be even better, depending on your situation. While it may cost a little more, you’ll save in the end if you’re ever involved in an accident that causes injuries to other drivers or damage to property.

As you enter retirement, don’t forget to talk to your insurer about these potential discounts and other ways to save on your car insurance.


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