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The Need for Life Insurance After Age 50

Walt: Traditionally its been thought that once you reach your 50’s and 60’s that you don’t need any life insurance. And that may be because your mortgage is paid-up or close to being paid-up, your kids are educated and out of the house, and consequently your thinking can turn more toward retirement savings than income protection. But that was a different era. In today’s more complex world, older Americans are facing things such as job loss, starting a second career, their children, yes, may have been educated, but they may have moved back home. They may be taking care of aging parents, and probably we’ve all suffered from depressed savings for retirement due to the economic events. So it’s a different world today, and that’s the reason that many older Americans today are finding that they need to continue working or perhaps even going back to work after they’ve taken retirement at age 60 or 65. And consequently if they need that income they need to also think about protecting it with life insurance.



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