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The Contributions of a Stay-At-Home Parent

Your family’s life insurance protection should take into account the essential services provided by a stay-at-home parent every day.

Life insurance for your family’s breadwinner may seem like a no-brainer to cover lost income, but what about for a stay-at-home parent? Here are five everyday tasks that are contributed by a stay-at-home parent and should be considered when identifying your family’s life insurance coverage needs.

1. Child Care

On average, a stay-at-home parent spends 755 hours annually caring for and helping a child under the age of 6.1 Professional child care is often an enormous expense. Nationally, the average cost of full-time care at a child care center for all children ages 0-4 is $9,589 per year.2

2. Laundry

The average American family does an average of 4.5 loads of laundry per week.3 That’s an estimated annual cost of $311 for energy and water.4,5 Costs can vary greatly depending on your location, but the average price to pay a laundry service to wash, dry and fold clothes can range anywhere from $0.90 to $3 a pound.6

3. Cleaning and Housework

Buildup of dirt, dust, mold and other allergens may contribute to an unhealthy living environment. On average, a married stay-at-home parent spends between 4.69 to 10.85 hours per week doing housework.1 Cleaning service professionals would earn more than $4,600 for a similar amount of work per year.7

4. Meal Preparation and Cooking

Food preparation and cleanup accounts for an average of eight hours of an American household’s week.1 The average family spends $124.03 per week at the grocery store.8 A private cook performing the same tasks for a family would cost nearly $48,670 per year.7

5. Transportation

U.S. drivers spend an average of 294 hours of driving annually,9 with a typical married couple spending an estimated $1,900 annually on transportation costs for their young children.10

On average, a stay-at-home mom (parent) juggles over 90 hours of work per week which is equivalent to earning a median salary of $143,102.11 Taking the value of the services a stay-at-home parent provides into consideration can help ensure you have adequate life insurance protection for your family today and in the future.

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