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Deciphering Your Premium Payment

See which factors affect the cost of your condo insurance. Whether you’re shopping for a new condo insurance policy or need to update your current one because you’ve recently renovated, one thing is probably at the top of your mind: the premium. Use this checklist to help evaluate your condo...


6 Ways Condo Insurance Differs From Home Insurance

Circumstances and situations change, and so should your coverage. Condo insurance differs from home insurance in several ways. It’s important to understand these differences and how they might affect your coverage decisions: 1. The Biggest Difference Between Homeowners Insurance and Condo Insurance Relates to What You Own (and Therefore Need to...


Making the Most of Your Space

Trying to figure out where all your belongings will fit in your new condo? Check out these creative ways to organize a small space. When you’re living in a small condo, finding places for your belongings can help you feel at home without cluttering your rooms. Whether you’re looking to...


4 Tips for Selling Your Condo

Selling a condo isn’t like selling a home. Avoid unexpected hurdles by planning ahead. Are condos hard to sell? Whether your condo is your home or an investment property, when you’re ready to sell, there could be unique challenges. Selling a condo is not the same as selling a single-family...