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Simple DIY Car Maintenance

If you’re comfortable getting a little dirty, you may want to consider taking on routine maintenance to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


common car repairs infographic common car repairs infographic common car repairs infographic

Bringing your vehicle to an auto shop for routine maintenance can add up over time. While costs and repair needs will vary depending on your vehicle type and use, there is general maintenance that applies to any make and model. Instead of turning to your local mechanic easy routine maintenance, there may be some common upkeep you can take care of yourself.

Before you get started on any of your own DIY car maintenance efforts, consult reliable sources for step-by-step directions. Consider visiting sites such as Pep Boys and NAPA Auto Parts, verified YouTube accounts for real-time visual instructions, or consult an expert.

As with any auto maintenance, make sure to reference your vehicle’s owners manual first. There you will find valuable information such as what type of bulb to use or how frequently the spark plug should be changed.

Not all vehicle maintenance should be DIY; for instance, if your vehicle is involved in a collision. Learn more about collision and comprehensive coverage.

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