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Providing Peace of Mind When Needed Most: Jenna’s Story

Jenna: A lot of people when they talk about insurance, they think what’s the best deal I can get, what’s the best rate I can get. And I always shake my head because I’m thinking oh no, it’s not the deal, it’s not the rate … it’s when you need to place a claim then how is it going to go? My parents had Amica Insurance. So when I went off on my own and it was time to get car insurance, I got Amica Insurance. And Amica found a friend for life in me. So when we bought the house, we got homeowners insurance from Amica. I wouldn’t have used anybody else. And so we really didn’t consider anybody else but Amica when it was time for life insurance. I feel taken care of with Amica. I don’t have to worry about things. When my car got hit a million years ago, I didn’t have to worry about that. When my house got broken into, I didn’t have to worry about that. And that to me is the value of Amica is I could probably get cheaper insurance someplace and in the last two years, believe me, I now have the cheapest cell phone contract, I have the cheapest cable because you know I want to be careful. But I wouldn’t touch Amica because if I need it, I know it’s there.



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