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Making Life Insurance Easy in a Difficult Time: Jenna’s Story

Jenna: You know there is so much to do in the immediate aftermath and you have to make funeral arrangements and that’s the tip of the iceberg and then you have to deal with everything else. And so maybe the week after … because I had it in the back of my mind, I have to call Amica and put in the claim for this. And this person got on the phone with me and was tremendously kind and tremendously efficient. It seemed like everybody I dealt with was a nightmare — the cell phone company, the bank accounts, everything was a problem. And this was the one thing that wasn’t a problem. I couldn’t have planned for this. Neither of us expected Fred to die at 56. It was such an enormous relief that the one piece that so vitally important, the life insurance, was easy and I had a check in record time in contrast to everyone else I had to deal with for just administrative stuff in the aftermath of Fred dying. This was amazing to me. It was just so easy.



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