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How to Make the Most of Your Rental Space

If you’re living in a small rental property, you may need to get creative with your storage and décor options. Here are some ideas to consider that won’t break the bank or your lease agreement.

When you’re turning a rented apartment into your home, it can be challenging to find creative storage solutions for your belongings and décor options that don’t cause any permanent damage to your walls or the apartment’s structure. Take a look at the tips below to make the most of your space and make your apartment feel like home.

Start with the Entryway

If your apartment lacks a spacious entryway, adding a bookshelf takes up minimal floor space while providing a home for the things you use every day. You can even remove the top shelves and place adhesive hooks in the open space to hang hats, coats, umbrellas and more. You may also want to consider putting small drawers and baskets on the lower shelves to store your seasonal items.

Utilize the Space Under Your Bed

Especially if you’re trying to avoid clutter, the space under the bed is a great – yet often overlooked – place for storage. Baskets and bins are ideal for keeping things organized and out of the way, yet easily accessible when you need them.

Hang a Pegboard in the Kitchen

A pegboard, hung like a picture, can offer great kitchen storage with minimal damage to the walls. Pegboards can hold anything from utensils and cooking tools to pots, pans and colanders.1 Just remember to check the terms of your lease to make sure you’re allowed to nail into the walls, and confirm if you’ll need to spackle before you move out.


A pegboard, hung like a picture, can offer great kitchen storage with minimal damage to the walls.


Use Tables in Unexpected Places

Though not traditionally considered a bathroom furnishing, a small table can add storage and style to one of the smallest rooms in your home. A decorative table – preferably with a drawer – in your bathroom can hold your beauty and hygiene products, or even a houseplant.

Make Your Favorite Things Do Double Duty

If you love to read, odds are you own some books with beautiful covers. Rather than stashing your books and taking up valuable drawer space, display them on a shelf to bring some color and interest to your living space.


As you’re finding creative storage spaces for your belongings, make sure you understand what’s covered by renters insurance in the event that something unexpected happens. Does your landlord have your space covered, or are you responsible for it?

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