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Differences Between Employer Coverage and Coverage You Can Buy on Your Own: 50+

Vince: But I’m assuming when I retire and I’m not going to go anywhere else.

Brenda: Um hum.

Vince: I’m just going to retire.

Brenda: Um hum.

Vince: Doesn’t my life insurance go with me when I retire?

Brenda: Not necessarily. Every company could have a different situation depending on how the policy was written.

Vince: Huh.

Brenda: Some cases you can’t take it with you. And suddenly you’re at retirement and you’re at 65 plus

Vince: Right.

Brenda: And you’re shopping for insurance so then you’re coming into age and health issues and various factors. That’s why I’ll tell people it’s always good to have something from your job because it’s very inexpensive but look at it as a supplemental.



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