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Are You Fully Covered by Your Life Insurance?

There’s a substantial gap between how much life insurance many Americans have and how much they need. And being underinsured can have a significant impact on a family in the event of an unexpected passing.


life insurance coverage infographic life insurance coverage infographic life insurance coverage infographic

Your life insurance policy gives you peace of mind and will help ensure your family’s financial future after you’re gone, right? Maybe not. Six out of 10 Americans have purchased life insurance of some kind, but many of these policies may be drastically insufficient for the needs of their family.

Whether you purchased life insurance coverage to help pay a home mortgage, protect income, or pay for burial or cremation costs, most people agree it’s an important benefit. Nearly 60 percent of Americans believe the financial impact of a spouse’s death will be felt within a year or less.1

And still, nearly 130 million Americans are altogether uninsured.3,4 The most common reason for skipping this benefit is an overestimation of life insurance costs. Check the numbers before making that decision: What they don’t realize is that it may only run a non-smoking 30-year-old female $13.59 and male $14.67 monthly for a $250,000 20-year policy.5

Be sure to educate yourself and consider: How much life insurance do we need, and what will it cost? While it’s recommended to carry coverage of seven to 10 times your income,2 most people have only purchased two to three times their salary.1

Consider these figures and do some research of your own. Take time to consider what your needs are and how you can best protect your family. You may find that purchasing a life insurance policy is more affordable, and more important, than you had previously believed.

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