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7 Curb Appeal Ideas for Selling Your Home

Boost your home’s appearance to help increase its value and get top-dollar offers from buyers.

Your home’s exterior is a passerby’s first impression of where you live. If you plan to put your house on the market, consider these simple ideas for improving its curb appeal.

Give it a good power-wash. Hire professionals to clean the siding and windows – it could add 10,000 to 15,000 dollars to the sale price.1 Mend small damage, like a crooked shutter, broken shingle or cracked asphalt. Deferring maintenance could decrease your house’s value by 10%.1

Touch up the paint. Freshen your house’s design by repainting its siding and trim. Your front door is especially eye-catching: Did you know painting it black could increase the price of a home by 2.9%?2 Manicure the lawn. Work with pros to spruce up your yard with plants, shrubs and flowers. Landscape maintenance is the outdoor project most likely to add value for resale.3

Add or replace exterior lights. Strategically placed illumination emphasizes safety while keeping your house looking inviting at night. Symmetrical fixtures are the most pleasing to the eye.4 Work with an electrician if installing or rewiring lights.

Display your address clearly. On the siding near the front door or mailbox (or both), use numbers that are large enough to see from the street – typically 3 to 6 inches tall.5 Choose a color or material that complements your home’s style without blending in.

Upgrade the entrance to make it more enticing. Brightly colored potted plants, a cheery welcome mat and a friendly doorbell chime all help create a warm atmosphere homebuyers will remember.

You do so much to maintain your home, and it’s worth it. Consult or hire professionals as needed. Learn more about protecting your investment at

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If you’re wondering how to improve your home’s resale value, these simple curb appeal ideas can be an easy way to gain ROI. Whether it’s making small repairs, repainting the siding or updating the exterior lights, a few easy changes can help increase your home’s market value. But enhancing the exterior of your house does more than boost its selling price. Before prospective buyers tour your home, your property’s appearance sets expectations.

When buyers feel the outside of your house looks attractive (either in person or online), they’ll likely think the inside is worth seeing, too. Let’s say you recently renovated your interior – then you’ll want to make sure it’s being properly advertised from the outside.

In this way, curb appeal is not only a way to sell a house for more, but also a great marketing tool to pique interest and get prospective buyers through your front door. And the more buyers you have setting foot on your property, the less time it’ll likely take to sell.

Curb appeal is important, but security is even more essential. Here are tips on how to choose the right alarm system for your home.



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